Summer Camp

Five Theme-Based Weeks Exploring Different Art Mediums
Monday-Friday 9:00AM-12:00PM
Ages 8 and Up
$225 (plus tax)/week; 10% sibling discount
$50 deposit required when booking

July 8-12
It's Out of This World!

As you look into the night sky, have you ever wondered what's out there? We do, and we think it's out of this world! So, during our first week of summer camp, we're going to let our creative energy explore the stars, planets, aliens and more. It will be GALACTICAL!

It's Out of This World (July 8-12) Cover

July 15-19
Let's Get Tropical!

Let's get tropical, tropical. I wanna get tropical. Let's get into tropical. Let me see your artist side, your artist side. Let me see your artist side. Thanks for humoring me! 

It's week 2 of summer camp, and we're going tropical! There's nothing better than toes in the sand, flamingoes and pineapple drinks! Sorry parents, this camp is for kids!

July 22-26

It's Time to Slime!

In our third week of summer camp, we will be creating all things SLIME and learning a little science too! (We'll keep that last part between us, parents.) We'll make a new slime everyday and explore some really awesome science like magnetic forces, thermochromic properties (think mood ring) and more.

July 29-August 2
Mystical & Magical

In our fourth week of summer camp, we're going to explore the fantasy realm. Filled with magic and mystical creatures, you never know what we might create, as you look through your mind's eye.

August 5-9
Dream. Believe. Achieve.

This final week of summer camp is one that we're most excited for, because it has been a DREAM of ours to help children develop their empowerment toolbox. Life is hard, and expectations are higher than ever for our children. We BELIEVE that we can help you to give them the strongest foundation possible, so that they can succeed in whatever they choose to do, be it in academics, sports, the arts or anything else in life! And, this week, we will ACHIEVE our DREAM! All week long, we will weave the fundamentals of empowerment into our artwork and projects, turning "I can't" into "I can"!


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